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Local SEO connects you with local customers, brings the community to you instead of big corporations. If you’re a mechanic, or a window installer, you’ll really want to focus your marketing in the Local SEO format. But you may ask, how exactly does Google know when to use Local SEO and PPC? With Yext Local SEO’s and BoostXL Local SEO’s knowledge, we are able to tell you how exactly everything works so you can understand and bring your company to a whole new level of marketing.

Between Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) and their Organic Search, is a new area called local search. More than 30% of consumers were made up of searches in Google. That is a huge chunk of potential clients that can be yours! Local and mobile searches is were everyone is searching up their content as of now. This is a gold mine for marketing and new strategies that can be placed. Google places this results when customers are on the go and want fast decisions made. Google brings up directions, phone numbers, reviews and more in order to help customers make some fast decisions.

The way Google lists all these different companies is by seeing if the company is keeping their customers up to date with the business. Whether that be re-indexing pictures, responding to reviews, or posting new updates. These result in calls being made, and contact with the customers. That’s the difference between Local Search and PPC. Independent research  says that the top 5 marketing strategies on the internet is

Local search gets 10 times the results at only 1/10 the cost. BoostXL can show you how to take advantage of this glorious gold mine of marketing. our case study gives you more of an insight on how BoostXl can bring your results with our packages guaranteed or you money back, you can even get a 30 day free trial!