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If you’ve ever wondered why your competition is showing up ahead of you on local search results, then this blog post is for you! BoostXL will help you learn the top 5 factors which lead businesses to reach the top place in the local listing on Google.

  1. The first thing to make sure you get shown and ranked higher is proximity. By default businesses that are closer to the individual searching for a specific business are the ones closest to them. If a person searches up for a plumber the business that is closest to them by default will appear first for convenience purposes.
  2. The second most important thing is a backlink. A backlink is a link the directs a person to your website or other online connection for you. For example, if someone is on Yelp looking for a house painter and sees the review for a specific company, they can be redirected to your website with that link.
  3. Third, and the most specific and important factor on this list, is website content. Your content has to go hand in hand with what your business revolves around. If your business is a baking company, then the content on your website has to deal with that of baking when Google has its algorithms run through your website, it looks for the keyword in your website, pictures, and content of the liking, the more your website coincides with your business theme the better.
  4. Almost there! Fourth, is your NAP. Not a nap like sleep nap, its an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone number. NAP. The key to having a good NAP is having consistency. Your name, address, and phone number all have to be the same all across the internet. From the business social media contact page to your business account with Google. Everything has to be the same even to the comma at the end of the city in your address has to be in the same spot throughout. Our SEO Map package provides the service of us going through over 50 search engines and making sure all your information is correct and fixing any errors that we may find. You can do a free scan here to see any listing inaccuracy.
  5. Last and not least, the fifth is reviews. It can be a google business review, social media reviews, you need to bring in all the reviews you can! IT helps your raking factors and even better many possible customers can see all these great 5 star reviews about your company and can help make their decision to go to you.

We gained the knowledge of this content from MOZ and YEXT, two of our partners that we use to keep up with local SEO.